Overcoming Barriers

Debbie explains how her experiences influence her values and her perspective on leadership.


Why I Am Running

I am ready to lead Fremont.


Community Policing

Fremont is a wonderful place to live, at least in part because it is a safe and welcoming community. As our city grows, we are stretching our community resources, including our first responders. Safe neighborhoods benefit all of us.


District 4

Fremont's District 4 is rich in history, culture and identity within our neighborhoods. We can be a better urban city, even as we honor all that enriches our community.


Performing Arts Center

A performing arts center in Fremont would provide a space to build community, house non-profit offices, and give Fremont schools a larger venue for performances. Fremont is a destination city; through public and private partnerships, Fremont can provide a venue that showcases our vibrant community.


Traffic Solutions

Traffic is one of my top priorities. Giving more people the opportunity to live and work in Fremont would greatly benefit all of us.